Rytec Lighting Australia P/I. fluorescent premium range of commercial lighting fixtures is technically designed dual with diffused effectors for indirect lighting with combinations of 4,414 Watts ,2×24,1x28Watts,and 2x28Watts. The energy efficient T5 lamp combination has also low brightness louvre available. The fixture has a white coated body and diffuser, perforated, with internal polycarbonate opal foil. It is designed for applications such os open plan interiors, executive offices, meeting rooms, technical offices, hospitals, halls, specialized stores, deportment stores, schools and banks.


The Low Brightness energy saving commercial lighting fixture series comes with iridescence free MIRO aluminium louvre optics and parabolic aluminium cross louvre with batwing optics. These fixtures ore suitable for 3×14 Watts, 4×14 Watts, 1x28Watts, 8, 2×28 Watts T5 fluorescent lamps. This energy efficient lighting fixture is designed for applications in CAD/CAM offices, airport lounges, bank, commercial offices, departmental stores and large open plan offices.


Prismatic lighting panels are used for controlling the distribution of light from a light source. Such panels are widely used in overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures. Their primary purpose is to reduce direct glare by controlling the angles at which light emerges from the panel.