Company Profile


Rytec Lighting Australia Pty Ltd is one of the fastest growing Australian lighting manufacturers in the project area, and a pioneer in the development of new fluorescent and HID lighting methods.

The Company was developed by its three Directors: Richard Falls, Joe Calafiore and Enzo Gissara, who hove over 60 years of lighting experience between them.

Rytec Lighting Australia Pty Ltd manufactures s IS09001 from a row flat sheet sa complete custom made product.


The key with on going success A Rytec’s continuing development and flexible manufacturing systems.

The investment in, and evaluation of new processes, has continued to the extent that today Rytec Lighting Australia Ply lid is proud of its comprehensively equipped lighting manufacturing plant in Melbourne, Australia.

Rytec’s key equipment with its Turrent sheet metal stamping, C.N.0 folding machines, computerized CAD system for quick variations, as well as Spot and Mig welding and riveting machines allows for prompt and efficient service.